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Your Business

Your business is generally an extension of yourself. However, while it is normally accepted that a financial adviser can assist with your own personal finances and requirements, the effectiveness of financial planning in the corporate world is often underestimated.

  • Business Risk Management

    We are all guilty of undervaluing our own contribution towards the success of our business.  Not that for one minute do we believe that someone else could have done a better job, but that actually, when it comes to ensuring the continued success of the business when you or the other indivduals who are primarily responsible for income generation may no longer be capable of working, we think that the business will survive and continue to flourish.

    The power and value of the business person is vastly underestimated, when compared to the way in which other business risks are measured and insured against.

    Business stock, premises, IT, vehicles are all insured against, but the most important part of the business, you and the senior management are not.

    We work together with the senior management of businesses to identify the risks that could affect the future success of the business, through either reduced turnover, business development or even the replacement of a new figurehead and the effect this would have on the outward perception of the business, your suppliers and customers.

    We believe that insuring against the loss of key people in your business is of paramount importance for the delivery of a successful business plan.