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Professional Footballers

The bespoke service we provide to Professional Footballers is built on our experience of advising players since 1990.

We advise both current professionals and former professionals through each stage of their football career and into 'retirement' with the opportunities that present themselves following a successful playing career.

From high profile Premiership players to coaches, managers and TV pundits, our services are designed with each individual's career path and earnings potential in mind.

Our primary objective is to create the best opportunity for our clients to be debt free by the time they retire from football. We will rearrange banking services and manage our clients' finances to repay any mortgage or other loans as early as possible to allow any investments to be stuctured towards retirement at age 35.

We are also acutely aware of the risks associated with career ending injuries to football players, having been involved in the two highest insurance payouts to players whose careers have been cut short by illness and injury. We view career-ending injury insurance as the bedrock to the majority of our clients' financial plans.

  • Pensions and divorce

    We have been working with clients and legal advisers for over 20 years through a changing landscape of pensions and divorce legislation providing advice, support and reassurance at each stage of the process.

    At a time when emotions can be running high we undertake to remove a considerable burden away from you and work with your legal representatives in finding the most appropriate settlement for you in consideration of your needs.

    Where pensions are involved, we are highly qualified and can look through the valuation and details of the schemes given to ensure that you receive the most appropriate advice concerning your options.

    We will then plan around your immediate and longer term needs with you and be there to provide support and guidance throughout.

  • Career focused financial management

    We understand the financial needs of professional footballers from over 20 years of experience and knowledge in this niche area.

    Individuals with a relatively short earnings time-span need to focus all of their energy on excelling at their career. The general day to day management of finances can become a secondary concern and when this happens, in our experience, players can find themselves in situations that could affect opportunities to either borrow funds for a dream house purchase or even prevent the approval of car finance.

    We view our role as a player's financial adviser as one of educator and confidante.   

    Before we start working with a player to establish a financial plan, we need to 'look under the bonnet' at their existing arrangements. We review clients bank statements and finance arrangements, from hire purchase agreements to mortgages to gain a complete picture of a client's financial situation.  Without a complete picture and where some arrangements are not disclosed, we have found that most financial plans with all the best will in the world, simply will not succeed.

    We understand how playing contracts are structured and the benefits that clubs provide. We have a good working relationship with the PFA and most of the Club Secretaries at English and Scottish clubs allowing us to discuss and understand the terms of playing contracts so we can in turn explain them to our clients.

    When we start working with a player and develop a financial plan, we will spend a considerable amount of time in the initial stages with the player ensuring that the plan is implemented, reinforced and any necessary paperwork completed. As the benefits of the financial plan and progression towards the goals set are seen through regular reviews, the financial plan is adopted as second nature.

    With the discipline of regular savings and debt repayment in place, as our clients move towards the peak of their careers, their disposable income increases to provide greater opportunity for longer term investment to secure an appropriate standard of living after their playing career has finished.

  • Professional injury insurance

    The value of professional football contracts and career earnings should not be under-estimated.

    Nor should the possibility of suffering an injury that could terminate a professional career and with that the loss of future earnings.

    Unfortunately, all players can expect to suffer an injury at some point of their career. We all hope that the injury is not severe enough to curtail a professional career, however, even with the advances of modern technoloy, the pace and physicality of the modern game heightens the risk that players undertake each time they set foot on the pitch or training ground.

    It is very easy to arrange a contract of insurance, however, most players that do this without an experienced adviser, only find out that the terms of the policy do not reflect their needs, or that the correct reporting procedure has not been adhered to until too late.  Litigation against the insurer is a long and expensive process.

    We have been fortunate or perhaps unfortunate enough to arange insurance for the two largest single claims in the UK. The reporting and notification requirements are strict and failure to carry this out would have cost the claimants £millions.

    Our clients understand the value of insurance and we believe that the cost of the insurance policy is a small price to pay for peace of mind for you and your family.

  • Cash and debt management

    The need to budget and repay debts as soon as possible has never been more relevant when you have considerable disposable income but a limited earnings period.

    We work withour clients who are not experienced in managing their own finances to create a financial plan that allows considerable freedom to enjoy one's own wealth, but with a close eye on short and long term targets of debt reduction and building an investment portfolio to sustain income post retirement.

    We constantly talk and meet with our clients in the initial stages of this type of financial plan to ensure that they are comfortable with the arrangements, or to make subtle adjustments as changing circumstances or previously unknown factors dictate.

    We look to establish a long-term relationship with our clients where issues such as overdrafts or credit card balances are managed in a mature fashion and by a process of financial education, our constant supervision moves towards a process of monitoring progress towards these goals in regular review meetings.

  • Wealth Management

    Planning for an even brighter future

    As a successful person, you’re probably already familiar with setting goals. After all, deciding what you want is the first step towards getting it.

    We believe everyone should have a financial plan. No matter where you are in life, or how much you are worth, if you do not have a plan you could end up with a very different future than you expected.

    Working with you, one of our expert financial planners will analyse your current situation, explore your aims and aspirations and help you determine exactly what it is you want to achieve – now, and in the years to come.

    We aim to build lasting relationships with each of our clients, based on honesty, integrity and mutual respect. As a trusted adviser, your planner will assess every aspect of your financial circumstances, including your cash assets, investments, pensions, property, shareholdings, and income and liquidity needs. They will also take the time to get to know your financial personality – your appetite for risk, how you feel about volatility, what kind of investments you prefer, whether you’re thinking short or long term. In particular, we can help ensure your money is working as hard as it can for you, and identify potential problems – for example, if some of your goals are in conflict with each other.

    The result? A co-ordinated, personalised plan of action, designed to deliver the future you want, in the most effective way.

    We can show you:

    · How to diversify your investments to achieve your desired returns
    · Ways to balance what you need now, with what you'll need in future
    · How to improve your tax position
    · How to protect your family and your finances if the unexpected happens
    · The best way to plan for retirement, and leave a legacy to your loved ones

    As you go through life, your needs and circumstances will evolve. Tax laws and investment regulations will also change. So we will review your plan regularly, to make sure it stays true to your objectives and that you remain firmly on track to achieve them.

  • Risk Management

    Risk is a subjective matter for many of our clients and comes in various guises.

    Before we embark on making any recommendations, we will seek to understand our clients own views about the risks they face and provoke some thought about issues that may not have been considered, but may be entirely relevant.

    Our role as a financial adviser is to ensure that our clients are informed and prepared and we will make recommendations to mitigate risks in the following areas, subject to our client's circumstances:

    Short-term liquid cash requirements

    Protecting the liabilities in the event of death or serious illness

    Making financial provision for dependants in the event of death

    Providing a lump sum and/or income in the event of serious illness

    Ensuring repayment of liabilities

    Assessment of the ability to meet needs and achieve goals in accordance with appetite for investment risk

    Mapping of investment strategy appropriate to needs, goals and appetite for risk

    Once recommendations are made and plans are put in place, we will conduct regular reviews with you to ensure that the risks continue to be managed appropriately and any new risks are identified and brought within the scope of your financial planning. 

  • Tax efficient investments

    We believe that is vital to use every opportunity to your advantage.

    Our financial planning solutions will incorporate solutions that provide tax efficiency or tax relief within the scope HMRC legislation and guidelines.

    If we are starting from scratch, we can look at using Individual Savings Account allowances to build investment portfolios which can provide tax free capital and income in the future.

    If your existing investment portfolio requires restructuring, we have the ability to manage out any Capital Gains Tax liabilities, ensuring that you are not hamstrung in making changes to your portfolio at the detriment to your tax bill.

    Pension tax relief is continually tinkered with and complicated in the UK and this can lead to a malaise when opportunities present themselves because of the complexity of the planning required. Our role as your financial adviser is to ensure that the complexity of legislation is broken down to a level that everyone can understand and ensure that those opportunities are not missed.

    Overall, the use of any tax structure or tax relief is built around the goals of our clients. Where a tax planning structure is appropriate to meet a client's objectives it will only be used where it can assist in achieving a target, without increasing the risk of the investment.

    Tax benefits depend on individual circumstances and tax rules are subject to change.